Get Out and Color


Meeting Room A

Get Out and Color

It's National Coloring Book Day! Are you a closet colorer? Looking for a fun way to spend a summer evening with friends or family? Need to de-stress after a tough day at work? Get Out and Color today at the library! 

We will have coloring sheets, markers, and pencils set up all day in the window alcove nearest our Information Desk (you can sign up and grab a log for our Book a Trip reading program while you are over there!). Sit down whenever  you happen to be in and relax for a bit. 

Our Meeting Rooms A & B will be open all evening from 6:00 - 9:00 for your coloring pleasure. All ages welcome. We'll provide coloring supplies and refreshing cool beverages -- and we encourage you to bring treats to share! 

Coloring: it's cheaper than therapy!