Master Gardener Fall Series


Meeting Room A

Master Gardener Oct 7

Join us for our fall gardening series, presented by the Linn County Master Gardeners! 

  • October 7 The Zen Garden presented by Jean Murray, LCMG - Zen gardens are a spiritual celebration of nature.  Jean will discuss how to incorporate the principles of Japanese gardening into your home garden and will take you (electronically) to some upper Midwest Japanese gardens. Finally, she will show you how to start on your own Zen garden with an easy Lotus Pond.
  • October 14 Creating Miniature Gardens presented by Sylvia Kelly, LCMG - Do you believe in fairies and other tiny creatures? Learn to create magical places with miniature plants, tiny furniture and accessories. Learn lots of tips and ideas to inspire you to create your own tiny garden indoors or out.  A great way to interest children in gardening. 
  • October 21 Hidden Beauty in the Winter Garden presented by Matt Pieper, LCMG - Join Matt as he introduces you to the 4th season of the garden, Winter! In addition to talking about how to prepare your garden for winter’s wrath, Matt will share a variety of plants and trees that will help break the doldrums and add great value to your landscape in winter. Then he’ll finish with gardening tips to relinquish winter's grip and get you ready for spring. 
  • October 28 Care and Maintenance of Garden Tools presented by Doug Smith, LCMG - Learn tips for extending the life of your garden tools. Learn how to sharpen, clean and service your favorite garden tools and how to store them so they are in good condition for next spring.