SCORE Small Business Workshop


Meeting Room A

SCORE Sept 8

Join us for these roundtables that include a lecture by a knowledgeable professional, followed by plenty of time for Q&A and discussion. These groups are always dynamic and engaged, and we're sure you'll find your evening well-spent. 

September 8 - Keys to Successful Start-ups, presented by Mike Humbert
Far too often, those who want to start a business (or even just want to run an existing business efficiently) view the development of a business plan as an annoyance and mind-numbing time waster.  You may think of such a plan simply as a necessary exercise to start the business or to get financing, but that it’s of little on-going use.  What people fail to appreciate, is that a practical business plan can be an important tool for business success.  Such a plan can support loan applications and discussions with funding institutions, near-term goal setting, staff assignment with company initiatives.

This workshop creates a roadmap to a functional, useful plan that can help improve decision making and effectively establish a roadmap toward business success.  Workshop participants will have the opportunity to develop and work on their specific business plan.

Mike Humbert has built a 30-year career in developing and implementing effective strategies for profit and non-profit organizations.  He has created strategic business plans and marketing, public relations, employee motivation, and culture building initiatives for companies large and small.  During his corporate career, he served in management positions with diverse organizations, from the United States Air Force and manufacturers of home appliances and high-tech aviation electronics to a 45-member advertising/public relations agency and a large regional hospital.  In 2005, Mike began development of The Alternative Board in Eastern Iowa and has since worked with hundreds of business owners in the growth, success and profitability of their respective businesses. He also serves on the boards of a wide array of non-profit organizations.  A graduate of the University of Iowa, Mike has been certified as a strategic business leadership coach and accredited by the Public Relations Society of America.