SCORE Small Business Workshop


Meeting Room A

Join us for these roundtables that include a lecture by a knowledgeable professional, followed by plenty of time for Q&A and discussion. These groups are always dynamic and engaged, and we're sure you'll find your evening well-spent. 

  • October 6: "Buying an Existing Business," presented by Scott Loggins. There are several ways to join the world of entrepreneurship: start up a new business, buy into a franchise, inherit one from family members, or buy an existing business. In this workshop we explore buying an existing business. How do you evaluate the asking price, project future sales, keep the seller from competing? What valuation method should you use? What size investment will it take to maintain your salary? Who can you borrow money from? What team will I need to evaluate and run the business? Join us to discuss these questions and any others you may have concerning buying an existing business. 
  • October 20: TBD
  • November 17: "Get Your Business Online with Google," presented by Sherry Bonelli
  • December 1: "Tax Deductions for Small Business," presented by Jean Kruse