January 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016
Library Conference Room, 5:00pm


Roll Call

Introduction of Guests
    Brad Thomason and Lydia Brown - Ryan Update
Adoption of Agenda

Approval of Minutes of December Meeting

Public Comment

Committee Reports
    Search Committee update

Building Committee - Communications Subcommittee
     Communications Plan
     Council attendance 

Policy Committee – Policy Update
      Vote on January 2015 proposed changes to By-Laws of the Marion Public Library Board of Trustees
      Conditions of Employment-Supplemental Personnel Policy
      Continuing Education-Supplemental Personnel Policy
      Leave of Absence MPL Addendum-Supplemental Personnel Policy
      Library Dress Policy-Supplemental Personnel Policy
      Meal and Break Policy-Supplemental Personnel Policy
      Overtime Compensation-Supplemental Personnel Policy
      Part-time Eligibility for Annual Merit Increase-Supplemental Personnel Policy
      Recording Work Time for PT Staff-Supplemental Personnel Policy
      Vacation Schedules-Supplemental Personnel Policy
      Work Schedules-Supplemental Personnel Policy
      Working from Home-Supplemental Personnel Policy

Librarian's Report
     Project Update

Statistics Report

Budget Report
      Materials Budget
Library Friends Update

Old Business

New Business 

Additional document(s): City Monthly Report