Tell Us Your Library Story

Do you have a story about how the Marion Public Library has made a difference in your life? We'd love to hear it!

For instance:

  • Did you learn a new skill or hobby using library materials or attending a library program?
  • Did your child discover a love of reading? Did you?
  • Have you used the library's computers or other resources to find a job?

Part of your story, with your permission, may be posted on our website or used in other promotional materials.

Tell us your story below, in 500 words or less.

Name would be displayed as First Name, Last Initial.

Example: "stay-at-home dad" or "small business owner" or "local musician". This will be displayed next to your First Name and Last Initial. E.g. "Laura H., Marion mom"
This will only be used if the Library needs to contact you. It will not be displayed.
See example above.


Thank you for telling us your story!

Form adapted with permission from Louise Alcorn, West Des Moines Public Library.