Meeting Room A

This fall, your pre-schooler learns the basic building blocks, or ELEMENTS OF ART.  But in true Doodlebugs form, we do it in the messiest, silliest, and most fun way possible!

September 30: Shapes Are Flat...
Take any line and connect the two ends. What do you get? A shape! Turn those shapes into a beautiful Tangram puzzle picture.

October 28:  ...Forms are Fat
Take a flat shape and make it a "fat" 3D form. From spheres & cubes to cones & tubes, we'll pump up some forms to use for stamping.

November 25: Space Erasers
How does an artist fill the space on a canvas? We will create art by substracting & erasing to show how empty space--or negative space--can also fill a canvas.

December 30: A New Perspective
Artists use perspective to see things in new ways. Learn how to make things appear near or far in a mixed media collage.