Food for Fines 2018

Repeating Event Dates

November 1st - 30th

Food for Fines


The Metro Library Network will again accept non-perishable food items in lieu of fines for overdue materials from November 1-30, 2018. All food items will go to the HACAP Food Reservoir. 

Library patrons may bring one non-perishable item for each $1 owed for overdue library material. All three libraries will also accept food contributions from people who want to “pay it forward” by helping pay someone else’s fines as well as happily accept food contributions from those who have no library fines but want to help prevent hunger in the metro area. 

Through a similar program over the last few years, the three libraries have donated thousands of pounds of food to HACAP which ensures that the families within our communities have access to nutritious foods, no matter their financial situation.

The libraries and HACAP will not accept dented cans, glass containers or foods with past expiration dates. Food items may not be contributed to replace lost or damaged library items.