History of Comic Book Superheroes


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Fisk - Comic Book Superheroes

We're excited to welcome back Unexplained Researcher Terry Fisk sharing a new program on the History of Comic Book Superheroes. Fisk talks about the artists and writers who created such well-known superheroes as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, etc.,  and reveals the influences  and inspiration for these powerful characters. He also examines the history of comic books, and the impact they've had on our culture.  There will be time for questions. 

Terry FiskFisk says, "beginning at age 13, I drew a weekly comic strip for my local newspaper and later studied to be a comic book artist at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (the alma mater of Superman artist,  Dan Jurgens).  As a comic book aficionado, I own a huge collection of comics, have met many of the artists and writers, and possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject." 

Come and enjoy this superhero-filled evening with us!