Living Healthy Series by Healthsource


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Living Healthy May 26

We are happy to provide a free series of nutrition and healthy living programs this month offered by the staff at Healthsource, new just this spring to Marion!

Join us for

  • May 5: "Keep Fit While You Sit," with Dr. Jeff Wisdo. Find out how sitting for prolonged periods of time can affect your health and, more importantly, how you can combat those problems without quitting your job.

  • May 12: "Raising Healthy Children," with Dr. Sheri Novak. As parents, we are on an endless mission to learn and do what is best for our children. This is an opportunity to continue on that journey with a few more tools in your belt and perhaps even a new outlook on your child's health.

  • May 26: "Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years," with Dr. Sheri Novak. We know that people are now living longer than ever before. So, are their extra years are being spent in thriving activity and enjoyment? Or in declining health and function? The truth is, sadly, that many aging adults are suffering more and more each year. Come and spend some time exploring ways to ensure that all your years are lived to the fullest.