Master Gardener Spring Series


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Master Gardener Apr 29

Join the Linn County Master Gardeners throughout April for their popular spring gardening series. 

April 1 - New Perennials for 2015 - Deb Walser, LCMG. Every year the garden catalogs are full of amazing NEW perennials. How do we select the right perennials for our gardens? Which perennials are the best for Iowa gardens? Even if you have been growing perennials for years, Deb Walser will show some of the newest and coolest perennials available in nurseries near you. Deb will also talk about favorite plants that grow in her gardens. 
April 8 - No program
April 15 - The Lazy Gardener - Gardening in Comfort and Ease – Jean Murray, LCMG. Face it. We're all getting older and have limits on our bodies and our time.  Jean shares tips for making gardening a little less stressful.  She will discuss ergonomic gardening, low maintenance plants, and ways to make those garden chores easier, so that you have more time to relax and enjoy your garden.
April 23  (note this program is on THURSDAY) - Pretty Poisons Lurking in Your Garden – Jean Wilson, LCMG. Learn which plants in your garden are deadly and which are merely harmful. It's not always the obvious culprits; even some helpful plants can be harmful if misused or overused. Understanding what you are growing promotes safer gardening. 
April 29 - Verticals, Vines, and Variants – Debbie Main, LCMG. Great ideas on how to pack more plants into your home landscape! Debbie will cover flowers and food crops which can be grown vertically, how to train them, where to locate them within your landscape, growing tips, and some unusual ideas on what to use to keep them vertical.