Writing Group

Writing Group

Monday, July 1, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm


Conference Room

Repeating Event Dates

1st Monday of each month; exceptions posted -- and we try to reschedule for the next Monday when possible.

Library Writing Group

The library sponsors this great Writing Group for adults. If you're an aspiring writer looking for folks you'd like to share with and learn from, we encourage you to come. The group meets on the 1st Monday of each month; exceptions will be posted.

During our March & April sessions, we'll continue to focus on character. 

Here is the assignment to have completed in advance of our March meeting: 

First, generate a 1-2 page character profile, meaning, a bulleted list of character traits including: physical traits, personality traits, emotional inclinations, motivations, desires, etc. The character you write about can be the same one from last month or a different one. If you had trouble with the character sketch or people at the meeting mentioned they would like more information about your character, you might want to stick with the same one. Here are some examples of things you could include to get you started.


After this profile is complete, use it to write a 2-3 scene that focuses on that character interacting with a second character OR acting like him/herself within a set, given situation. This can be a scene from your current work or something new. The list tells us about the character, the scene shows us about your character--which is what we do in our stories.

When you email your piece (to mjarvis@marionpubliclibrary.org), **email the scene only--keep the list of traits to yourself, but bring to the meeting.** Part of our discussion about the scenes will be describing your character back to you. In other words, we'll be re-engineering the character profile based **only** on what you choose to write in your scene. So, that means you'll need to figure out ways to include or show us the information from the profile so we can get to know your character as well as you do. 

Contact Madeline at the library at mjarvis@marionpubliclibrary.org with any questions.