Yup...Nope...and Why Midwesterners Don't Say Much


Community Room

This half-in-jest, whole-in-earnest presentation explores the historical roots of Midwestern reserve, along with contemporary illustrations. As one Midwesterner deadpanned on return from the East: “We think we are being polite when we wait for people to finish their sentences; they think we are slow-witted.”

Barbara Lounsberry, recently retired Professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa, has been named the University’s Distinguished Scholar and Outstanding Teacher.  She is passionate about Midwestern life and literature and will unpack our linguistic patterns from “Ope” to “Uffdah.” This hour-long lecture will be a primer on linguistic patterns using the lens of stereotypical Midwestern reserve.  Attendees we be able to identify their cultural lenses in day to day life after this presentation.