Find Your Next Favorite Book!


Posted on February 26, 2018 - 1:40pm

The Marion Public Library has a wealth of online resources available to patrons, but one of my absolute favorites is NoveList. Folks can access this resource through our website, here’s the link:

I have a few genres and subgenres that I love, and it’s easy to get into a reading rut. While the library is always getting new and popular materials, I occasionally need a break from the usual. The “usual,” for me includes Young Adult Graphic Novels, creepy ghost stories, and Contemporary Young Adult books. With NoveList, I’m able to view fresh book suggestions based on keyword searches, recommended reading lists, and detailed appeal categories through the Appeal Mixer.

In the Appeal Mixer section of NoveList, I can choose from several category choices: character, pace, illustration, storyline, tone, and writing style. Within each of these categories, there are several available selections.

For instance, under the character category, I can choose from: ability diverse, anthropomorphic, authentic, awkward, brooding, complex, courageous, culturally diverse, flawed, introspective, large cast of characters, LGBTQIA diverse, likeable, quirky, relatable, religiously diverse, sarcastic, sassy, spirited, strong female, sympathetic, unlikeable, unreliable narrator, and well-developed. PHEW! These are all the characteristics you can find under just one category!

 The Appeal Mixer is such a fun way of finding titles that I wouldn’t normally choose! For this round, I’m going to select: sassy character, a witty writing style, and a funny tone. I got a populated list of twelve recommended titles based on my appeal choices! Now it’s time to search the stacks for my new favorite book.

--Shanel, Teen Services Specialist