I Am the Messenger, by Markus Zusak

I Am the Messenger

Posted on May 2, 2018 - 3:08pm

Markus Zusak recently announced the publication of his newest book, Bridge of Clay--scheduled to come out in early October. Zusak is probably best known for his amazing novel The Book Thief. Though it may be his most popular book, it is not his only must-read book.

Zusak wrote a gritty trilogy about street fighting brothers. The three books (Underdog, Fighting Ruben Wolfe, and Getting the Girl) can be found in one volume called Under Dogs. While I have not read this series, I know others who have and gave it high praise. I have read Zusak’s I Am the Messenger.

I found this book unforgettable. Ed Kennedy drives a cab, is devoted to his dog Doorman, is secretly in love with his best friend Audrey, and has nothing substantial in his life. Things change when Ed accidentally stops a crime. Now someone is leaving him messages on playing cards. Each time Ed deciphers the message, it leads him to witness a crime. Ed has to decide if he’ll be a bystander or take action. A bit like the decisions he needs to make about his life. And whatever decision he makes, who is leaving him the messages? And why? All I will tell you is this message: Take action—read this book; you’ll be glad you did.

--Amanda, Part-time Library Assistant