If you like Encyclopedia Brown ...


Posted on May 25, 2018 - 3:49pm

Our family loves listening to Encyclopedia Brown audiobooks on car trips. Fortunately, there are lots of Encyclopedia Brown books by David Sobol, but if you do go through them all, there are still other options available at the library. When looking for books like Encyclopedia Brown, you often just find suggestions of book series that are mysteries. I have listed a few options below that are more like the short deduction mysteries featured in the Encyclopedia Brown books.

The Hawkeye Collins and Amy Adams Can You Solve It? Series by M. Masters is most like the Encyclopedia Brown books than the other series I’ve listed. Each book contains several tiny mysteries for Hawkeye and Amy (and the reader) to solve through deduction.

Using the search term “Minute Mysteries," you can find several books with short, two-minute, or five-minute mysteries to solve. These mysteries are usually not connected through any theme like Encyclopedia Brown, or Hawkeye Collins and Amy Adams.

The Meg Mackintosh series by Lucinda Landon has one mystery per book, but the books are usually only around 50 pages. You must use clues in the text and the illustrations to solve the mystery. I think this series is very fun.

Usborne publishes two different series of puzzle books designed for younger and older elementary school students. The two series are Usborne Young Puzzle Books and Usborne Puzzle Adventures. Each book features a story with a new type of puzzle with each page turn. When the reader completes all the puzzles, they can arrive at the answer to the mystery or quest. These puzzles are varied, including search & find scenes, codes, deductions, and more.

--Amanda, Part-time Library Assistant