Kids' Music for Parents

Can You Canoe?

Posted on February 19, 2018 - 11:43am

I loved checking out CDs from the library so my kids and I could listen to “their kind of music” in the car or dance around the house. Raffi is nice. The Wiggles are fun. They Might Be Giants is one of my favorites. And Laurie Berkner —how great is she!!? But, after a few hundred hours (or maybe just one or two) of listening to these CDs, I could use a trip to the library for some new tunes.

For a change, I suggest the Grammy-winning Okee Dokee Brothers. This folk/bluegrass duo from Minneapolis makes music parents will like just as much as their kids do. Their past three albums (Can You Canoe?, Through the Woods, and Saddle Up) were all nominated for Grammys. Their music and lyrics are original and inspired. Each CD comes with a DVD of the duo’s travels which inspired the album. For example, the album Can You Canoe? was inspired by their adventures canoeing down the Mississippi River.  The DVD accompanying the Can You Canoe? CD captures their adventures on the river. This album features songs ranging from the catchy song Rosita about a “mosquita” to the philosophical Along for the Ride. Check out the Okee Dokee Brothers. I guarantee they will be music to a parent’s ears.

--Amanda, Part-time Library Assistant