The Library Book

Posted on January 22, 2019 - 10:13am

Whew! I just finished “The Library Book” by Susan Orlean in an almost non-stop three-day session where I squeezed in the necessary things of daily life. I have always been a bookaholic. For most of my life, buying books because I wanted to make notes in them or have them listed in my database so I could refer easily to ideas in them that I could retrieve at will. But, having to downsize in my later years, I donated a lot of those books to many places and now try to discipline myself to borrowing books from the library.

Susan Orlean has given me a deep reverence for the notion of libraries, their missions, and the awesome amount of time, talent, and resources that go into that effort. She has written a book that is part mystery, storytelling, and so much more. I will enter the doors of my library with a reverence deepened by this book. My local library is so good at receiving my requests by email and alerting me to when they have them. Twice in the past few months they didn’t have one available in the system and bought them for me.

When I review them on my web site or add my review on Goodreads, my hope is that others will discover something that will delight them like I was. You can view the interview of Susan Orlean on Book TV at (Note: if you also watch book TV you probably will be put on a waiting list because a lot of others must watch this CSPAN treasure also.) I am waiting for 8 books right now. But whatever you do, get this book and plan to block out your schedule for a few days because you won’t want to put it down.

Here are a couple of quotes to tempt you. On the bottom of page 11: “In the library, time is dammed up-not just stopped but saved.” Then on page 309: “The library is a whispering post. You don’t need to take a book off a shelf to know that is a voice inside that is waiting to speak to you, and behind that was someone there who truly believed that if he or she spoke, someone would listen”.

Review by Connie May

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