Lost City of the Monkey God is a Treasure

Lost City of the Monkey God

Posted on March 31, 2018 - 4:56pm

If not for our Customer Experience librarian Sue Gerth, I would have missed out on this treasure of a book. I first dismissed The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston because I thought it was another of his fiction books which he co-authors with Lincoln Child with great success; however, this book tells the true tale of his adventures in Honduras looking for the fabled city of the monkey gods. And, it proves the old saying that reality can be stranger than fiction.

A new type of radar which should be able to penetrate the heavy canopy of the Honduras rain forest and locate lost human-made structures gives the team hope they can locate this city lost for ages. Yet, the jungle won’t give up its secrets easily. The group must secure funding for their expedition without giving away the possible location of this treasure. The group will need airplanes to scan the rainforest canopy, but cheap planes aren’t always the safest. There’s also danger from the animals in the rainforest—angry monkeys, venomous snakes, nasty insects, and even man himself.

This fast-paced book is part archeology, part biology, part adventure. I listened to the downloadable audiobook version on Overdrive. It makes an excellent listen or read. Check it out before you’ve lost your chance to discover this literary treasure.

--Amanda, Part-time Library Assistant