For the Love of Bookmarks

For the Love of Bookmarks

Posted on February 1, 2019 - 12:09pm

Do you use a bookmark when you read a book? What do you use for a bookmark? I recently weeded my home library and found all sorts of things to mark the pages in my books: receipts, utility bills, notes, postcards…everything but an actual bookmark. It got me thinking about bookmarks, and how people either really love them, or never think about using them. I have a great love for acquiring bookmarks—so many clever sayings and artwork; and now, so many interesting ways to mark your page in a book. You can use sticky notes made for books, have clips that stick out of the top of books, or the tried and true bookmark with a ribbon. I buy bookmarks and never use them. Or use them once, finish the book, take the bookmark out, and lose it. I tend to either memorize the page number I’m on, or—if it’s my personal copy of a book—yes, I fold over the top corner of the page.

During the month of February, come to the Marion Public Library and pick up a few bookmarks to color and make your own! Show your love for the humble bookmark and make a colorful gift for someone you love. We have a table set up next to our Information Desk, with a variety of bookmarks to color at the library or take home to create your very own personal bookmark. 



Sue Gerth, Collection Strategies Manager