Maria V. Snyder - One of My Favorite Authors!

Maria V. Snyder's Poison Study

Posted on March 15, 2018 - 1:17pm

I picked up Maria’s first book in an airport while preparing to take a very long flight – Poison Study looked like just the thing I needed to make the long in-flight hours “fly” by. Little did I know that this dynamic fantasy novel would suck me in to a wonderful series about Yelena, a young woman facing a death sentence for the murder of a leader, who has nothing left to fear. That is, until the country’s head enforcer, Valek, offers her a chance to escape a short drop from a noose by becoming the president’s food taster. With poison an effective, and common, tool for murder, Yelena will be in certain danger with every bite, but what is better – a certain death now or to risk her life every day? I devoured this book during the flight, then immediately re-read it while I was on vacation because the characters and the world they live in was just addictive!

All of Maria V. Snyder’s series are like this – they pull you in and leave you wanting more. Thankfully, the author delivers by producing trilogies and duets that are sure to ignite your imagination. Most of her adult novels contain magic and fantasy, but for an even greater leap into the unknown, check out her young adult titles Inside Out and Outside In, for a touch of sci-fi and dystopian societies.

--Lara Moellers, Children’s Library Assistant