MISD Student IDs Now Act as Library Cards

Posted on December 23, 2020 - 8:58am

In collaboration with Marion Independent School District, the Marion Public Library is excited to provide student library cards to every student in the Marion Independent School District! Rather than a physical card, students will have a library account number that includes their student lunch account number. Students will use this library account number, and a pin number, to access print materials from Marion Public Library, Cedar Rapids Public Library, and Hiawatha Public Library, as well as digital materials and online resources through Marion Public Library.

Student library account numbers will contain the prefix 100042 and their lunch account number within a 13-digit library card number. Since the length of student lunch account numbers vary, some library card numbers will be formulated slightly differently than others. For example, if a student has a 7-digit lunch account number (i.e. 1234567) their library card number will be 1000421234567. If a student has a lunch account number that is less than 7 digits, there will be a zero(s) between the prefix and their lunch account number. Regarding pin numbers, these will always consist of the last four digits of the student’s lunch account number. See below:

Lunch Account Number                          Library Card Number                        Pin
1234567                                                1000421234567                                 4567
123456                                                  1000420123456                                 3456
12345                                                    1000420012345                                 2345
222                                                        1000420000222                                 0222

Students can access e-books, e-audiobooks, magazines, music, and video streaming through multiple platforms (OverDrive, CloudLibrary, Hoopla, and more). Students will also have access to research and homework databases and other learning resources such as BrainFuse, Explora, Literary Reference Center, EbscoHost, and more! To access these online resources and digital materials, go to www.marionpubliclibrary.org, and click on Online Resources under the eLibrary drop-down menu. 

If your student already has a Metro Library Network library card, that is okay! Students are allowed to have a second account through this partnership. The Metro Library Network has gone fine free and this also applies to the materials your student checks out through their student library card. If your student loses a material, please notify Marion Public Library at 319-377-3412.

MISD students and staff will be receiving a pamphlet with detailed information about student library cards and resources in the near future. We hope you are as excited as we are to broaden your student’s access to print and digital learning materials.