Move Over Katniss! Gregor Was Here First

Posted on July 31, 2018 - 8:31am

You may be familiar with Suzanne Collins because of her success with The Hunger Games, but I discovered what a great writer she is way before she published The Hunger Games.  Suzanne Collins wrote a fantastic five-book series called The Underland Chonicles.

In the first book, Gregor the Overlander, we meet Gregor and his family living in an apartment building in New York City. Gregor’s father is missing, making it even more difficult for his family to make ends meet. Gregor refuses to believe his father just left the family; Gregor knows something bad has happened to his dad. Very quickly, Gregor discovers there is a beautiful world under New York City inhabited by people who ride on bats and battle giant evil rats. Gregor may be the ONE predicted to save the city from devastation, but Gregor only wants to return to the Overland (New York City) and find his father. Once he realizes helping in this war may be how he will find his father, Gregor reluctantly agrees to help.

A mysterious prophecy, a search to find a father… all tropes that sound familiar, but this epic quest takes these tropes and uses them to spin a wild, fantastic, and thoroughly entertaining adventure. After I read the first book aloud, our entire family listened to the rest of the books on audio. We were all enthralled by this series. I would recommend this series for middle school and older.


Amanda Weaver, Circulation Specialist