Now Hear This!

Posted on October 26, 2018 - 10:42am

I love listening to audiobooks, so I am very thankful we have access to such wide selection of audiobooks with our library cards. The Marion Library has LOTS of books on CD available to check out. You can also borrow audiobooks online through the library website. You can choose audiobooks from Overdrive and Hoopla. We have a new feature on Overdrive. If an item you want isn’t available through the library’s Overdrive catalog, you recommend the library purchase the item.  If the item is purchased for Overdrive by the library, you will be notified and the item will be placed on hold for you. You can read ebooks or listen to audiobooks from Overdrive using the Overdrive app or its new app called Libby. Hoopla is fairly new to our library network. Hoopla may be better known for its movies and music, but it also has ebooks and audiobooks. I found there is not a lot of overlap between the three collections, so our selection of audiobooks had expanded greatly. Audiobooks are available for kids, too. We have audiobooks as well as books with an accompanying CD in the library. Overdrive and Hoopla have some children’s audiobooks, but Tumblebooks, available through the library’s website, may be our best online source for children’s audiobooks.

I enjoy listening for audiobooks for lots of reasons. I listening to audiobooks while I work on jigsaw puzzles and they make housecleaning much more pleasant. I listen to audiobooks while I exercise on my indoor bike. Listening to audiobooks makes our long car travels a fun family experience. I used to read aloud to my kids often, but as they’ve grown the books they like are longer and they want to listen for longer, and my voice can’t keep up. Now we listen to audiobooks together; we can listen as long as we want. Some people listen to audiobooks while they walk or color.

Here are three reviews of audiobooks I’ve enjoyed from three different sources--the library, Overdrive, and Hoopla.

Marion LibrarySteelheart by Brandon Sanderson When a red star appeared, some people acquired unique superpowers. They became known as Epics. Every Epic fought for power and control turning Earth into a dystopian land of harshly ruled regions. Chicago is ruled by Steelheart, who seems undefeatable. But that’s not going to stop the Reckoners from trying. This story has a well-developed superpower hierarchy, interesting characters, and a compelling plot. This is the first book in the Reckoners Triology. All three audiobooks are narrated superbly.

Overdrive--Black Powder War by Naomi Novak This is third book in the Temeraire series. I had listened to the first two books in the series on CD but couldn’t find the next one. Overdrive to the rescue. The Temeraire series takes place while Napoleon is trying to conquer the world. We experience great naval battles between France and Britain, but in this world, dragons are involved in the war battles. Dragons bond with their chosen human. Temeraires’s chosen human was not expecting to ever be a member of the Dragon Corp, but Captain Laurence accepts his fate. He comes to be just as attached to Temeraire as Temeraire is to him. I have been surprised at the twists and turns of this story in each book I’ve listened to. This is an exciting clean fantasy adventure.

Hoopla--Stuff Matters by Mark Miodownik  I appreciate the science and math related audiobooks available from Hoopla. Stuff Matters is a fun book exploring different substances from chocolate to concrete. Miodownik writes in a conversational way without abandoning the science. He does a great job of explaining concepts and relating them to the real world. I highly recommend this book.

Amanda Weaver, Circulation Specialist