Ocean Meets Sky, by the Fan Brothers

Ocean Meets Sky

Posted on June 16, 2018 - 6:40am

Ocean Meets Sky by Terry Fan and Eric Fan

Finn remembers the bedtime stories his grandfather used to tell him – of fantastic sights and lands far, far away where the Ocean Meets Sky. Now that his grandfather has passed away, these stories are how Finn keeps his memory alive and one afternoon, he falls asleep and drifts away to these faraway lands. He meets a Giant Golden Fish who guides him to islands full of books, birds and giant seashells before they finally see the place where Ocean Meets Sky. As his ship rises from the water (or does the water fall away from the air?), he joins ships, hot air balloons and dirigibles as they float towards the smiling man in the moon. His mother’s voice calls him home to share in the family meal, another sweet ode to his loving grandfather.

This soft, sweet story is perfect for bedtimes and daydreaming. The illustrations are spectacular and breathtaking – it strongly reminds me of another dreamy fantasy picture book, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mister Morris Lessmore which is written by the talented William Joyce. Don’t be surprised if Ocean Meets Sky wins awards for storytelling and illustrations – in my opinion, this title is a worthy nominee for the prestigious Caldecott Award!

--Lara, Children's Library Assistant II