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Raised Bed Garden

Posted on May 5, 2018 - 2:26pm

Raised Bed Garden

Finally, spring has come to Iowa! I set a goal this year to dive into projects around my home, and one of them was building a raised-bed garden. Raised-bed gardens are fantastic if you don't have the best soil in your yard, you want to save your back, and have a very excitable boxer who likes to trample through plants (that might be specific to my case!). I had no idea where to start with my project, so I turned to the library collection. 

I searched "raised bed garden" in the BookMyne application on my phone, and I came up with several fantastic resources. Raised Bed Revolution is filled with detailed plans for building raised-beds including supply lists, cut lists, instructions with photographs, and the pros and cons of several building materials. I landed on a bed that's 45" x 45" made of untreated cedar and has adorably twee benches attached. 

Since I'm not very handy with a miter saw, I called up my dad, and he stopped by to help me with the project. The book was easy to understand and incredibly detailed. Thanks to the library, a few local businesses, and my dad, I have a wonderful little garden ready for planting!"

--Shanel, Teen Services Specialist