Suspending Holds with Your Mobile MLN Mobile App

Posted on July 24, 2018 - 8:46am

There’s always something you forget on a road trip. Usually you’re well on your way when the clammy realization hits in that you didn’t double check the garage door, or your phone charger is safely on the dining room table.

I triple checked my packing list, my doors, my windows, my burners, and more before I left for a weeklong trip yesterday. Despite my careful preparations, there is something I still forgot to prepare: suspending my library holds!

I usually have between 5-15 holds placed at a time. I am surrounded by books and book reviews at work so I like to read a variety. When a hold notification is sent, library patrons have 5 days to pick up their holds. Luckily, there is the option to suspend holds for the duration of your vacation, so your spot in line is not lost.

I just suspended my holds from the MLNMobile app. From holds, I selected the item I wanted to suspend:

And then entered the length of time I would like the hold to be suspended:


If you do not use the app, you can call the library and a staff member would be happy to help suspend your holds.

--Madeline Jarvis, Adult Services Coordinator