When Calls the Heart: A Guide to the Hallmark TV Series

Posted on September 27, 2018 - 12:28pm

When Calls the Heart: A Guide to the Hallmark TV Series

Hallmark movies are very popular DVDs at the Marion Public Library. One series in particular has a lot of fans: When Calls the Heart. Did you know When Calls the Heart is actually based on the classic series  Canadian West by Janette Oke?  This series takes place in Coal Valley, and centers around newly arrived school teacher Elizabeth Thatcher and her budding romance with Canadian Mountie Jack Thornton.

Hallmark first introduced When Calls the Heart as a single tv movie in 2013. It was a huge hit, and Hallmark decided to produce a tv series based on the novels. The new tv series introduced two new actors to the roles of Elizabeth and Jack. You may see a copy of the original tv movie in our Hallmark DVD collection, and the actors in that made for tv movie are completely different from the series actors! When Hallmark created the first tv season of When Calls the Heart, they started from the beginning, and created six “movies”: Lost and Found, A Telling Silence, The Dance, Second Chance, Change of Heart, and Rules of Engagement. Each of those movies together create Season One of the series. The first “movie” in Season One is actually the same story as the standalone movie Hallmark produced in 2013. 

The Marion Library has relabeled those six movies as Season One, so you may view them in order.  Seasons 1 through 4 are available in the Metro Library Network.


Sue Gerth, Circulation Coordinator