The World of Lore: Dreadful Places by Aaron Mahnke

Posted on October 30, 2018 - 10:33am

If you’re a fan of the spooky, I’ve got a fun read for you. Favorite stories from the podcast Lore are now available in book format. The World of Lore: Dreadful Places takes you around the world in search of those folktales, local legends, and famous ghost stories that can send a shiver down your spine. From the famous Winchester House in California, to Leap Castle in Ireland, to small town Illinois, to Revolutionary War Massachusetts, author Aaron Mahnke delivers an interesting mix of stories handed down through generations. Are they true or just embellished tales? Aaron does attempt to dig a little deeper to separate fact from fiction. Some, however, are just left for you to decide what to believe. Chapters are short, which make for an easy read. Illustrations add to the gothic, fun vibe of the book.

But guess what? There are two more available in the Lore collection: Wicked Mortals and Monstrous Creatures. If you are interested in the podcast, it’s available on iTunes; the show Lore is available for streaming through Amazon Prime. You can listen, read, or watch Lore.

The Marion Public Library has all three of the Lore books available: Wicked Mortals, Dreadful Places, and Monstrous Creatures. Take your pick, get comfortable, and don’t be afraid to turn the pages!


Sue Gerth, Collection Strategies Manager