Autumn Message from the Library Director

What a pleasure it has been to begin to get to know the Marion community!  Since starting as the library director in late April, I have had many opportunities to visit with people who live, work, and play in the Marion area.  As a newcomer to the community, I am struck by the great parks, the wide variety of recreational events, and the friendliness of residents.  As a new member of the library staff, I am continuously impressed by the passion for service and the deep skills of library personnel; it is a joy to serve as part of this group. 

I know many Marion residents are eager to hear more about progress on the library building project.  There have been some significant changes since the original plans were shared with the community, and we are now in a position to recraft the project to more effectively meet the needs of our patrons.  The integral parts of the project remain the same—including the mixed-use concept, the commitment to good stewardship of resources in designing and building the new physical spaces, the desire to be fully integrated into the Uptown landscape, and the intentional solicitation of community input at varying stages of planning—but other aspects may change based on new and different opportunities.  I look forward to sharing specifics as the project moves along and gathering community feedback about new ideas.

Meeting Marion residents is a highlight of my position, and I welcome you to reach out with questions, comments, concerns, or compliments about the library (or just to say hello!).  I can be reached via email at, telephone at 319.743.1984, or in person at the library (I work at the Information Desk every Wednesday morning, or just ask for me at either service desk; if I’m available we can sit down and talk).  I hope to hear from you soon!

--Elsworth Carman, Library Director