Greetings from New Library Director Elsworth Carman

Elsworth Carman

This is an exciting time to be part of the Marion Public Library!  I am so glad to be here as the new director.  My first month has been spent learning about the community, getting to know the amazing library staff, and becoming acquainted with library services, policies, and procedures.  I am consistently impressed with the way the community uses the library and the level of service provided by staff.  Thank you for welcoming me to your community.  This is a truly great place to be!

One of the most important parts of my role—and one of the aspects I value the most—is engaging with community members.  It’s been a joy to meet many of you already, and I look forward to becoming acquainted with more Marion residents over time.  One of the things I’m asked about most when meeting community members is the building project.  As a newcomer, this project feels shiny and exciting, but I understand that it’s already been a long process for the community, and some anticipation fatigue is happening.  That’s not uncommon with this type of big project, and I urge you to stay engaged and optimistic about the future of the Marion Public Library’s physical spaces.  There have been some positive changes to the plans for a new library facility recently, and I look forward to sharing more about these ideas as they develop; right now we’re waiting to hear about some real estate acquisition agreements our partner development company is working on before we have a meaningful update. Until then, if you have questions about the building project or other plans, initiatives, or services at the library, please ask!  I can be reached at, 319.743.1984, or in person at the library (Wednesday mornings I work at the Information Desk from 9.30-12.00, or just drop in; if I’m available we can sit down and talk). 

I’ve been collecting some of the questions I’ve been asked about the building project, and plan to share these—and my responses—on the website and in the building soon. 

Thank you for welcoming me to Marion and trusting me to lead your library.  I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s keep the conversation going!