MPL to introduce Sensory Friendly Browsing

Beginning Sunday, January 26th and continuing through Sunday, May 24th, Marion Public Library will open early every fourth Sunday of the month for Sensory Friendly Browsing. This service is for individuals of all ages on the autism spectrum or with other sensory processing needs and their families and caregivers.


Children’s and Family Services Manager Olivia Stoner states, “Marion Public Library is excited to pilot this new service for all members of our community with sensory processing needs, those on the autism spectrum, and their caregivers who may not feel comfortable using our usually bustling facility. Library staff have heard from these community members that a trip to the library can be overwhelming. Our goal is always to remove any barriers to accessing library services and this is one more way we can reach that goal.”


The library is reserving this hour to maintain a calmer, judgement-free environment to facilitate browsing the library comfortably. Participants can take a library tour, sign up for a library card, learn about all the services the library offers, ask questions, and participate in a sensory-friendly activity. The Library will open at 2:00 pm for general public use. Sensory Friendly Browsing will be held every fourth Sunday from January through May of 2020.  At that point, after program assessment is conducted, next steps will be determined and shared.