What We're Reading Now

MPL Staff tell all about 10 Summer Favorites

Sting-Ray Afternoons (by Steve Rushin). Curtis Says: It feels like someone else wrote your autobiography—if you existed in the 1970’s and the mid-west was your universe. Awesome memory overload, and great humor too!

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (by Kim Michele Richardson). Kelly says: My favorite read of this summer so far! This story reminds me of one woman’s determination to bring reading, literacy and the library to the less fortunate no matter what the personal cost.

Eileen (by Ottessa Moshfegh). Kelly says: A dark story about loneliness and how this can drive us to do things we would never imagine.

In Pieces (by Sally Field). Kelly says: Autobiography—there is some sensitive material concerning child sexual abuse-just as a caution. Informative in the life of Sally Field and how family dysfunction plays a role in her life.

The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes (by Ruth Hogan). Sue says: A novel chock-full of eccentric characters and one woman who finally decides to re-enter life after years of grief. A favorite read!

The Poison Thread (by Laura Purcell). Sue says: A novel that will keep you up late at night-Is it possible to sew bad thoughts into clothes? This historical fiction thriller will keep you guessing. So good!

Gratitude Daily (by Nataly Kogan). Kimberly says: This book was great to listen to for simple ways to look for the good in your day.

Girl, Wash Your Face (by Rachel Hollis). Kimberly says: I started this book once before but just couldn’t get into it. Tried again after reading Girl, Stop Apologizing and enjoyed it much more this time. Learned a lot from it. I want to attend one of her conferences now!

Where the Crawdads Sing (by Delia Owens). Jana says: Owens blends her universes of wild life, science, psychology and beautiful imagination to create a poignant novel that is love story, tragedy and murder mystery combined. This is a must-read!

The Watchmaker’s Daughter (by C.J. Archer). Amanda says: A Victorian mystery with a dash of magic. India Steele recently lost her father from an unexpected death and now she’s lost her home and her father’s watch store after her fiancé breaks off their engagement. India is left without a place to live or a way to make a living so she takes a job with an enigmatic American visiting London looking for a special watchmaker. The hunt for this watchmaker introduces India a cast of interesting characters as well as danger and intrigue. Expand your universe this summer with a story that includes both history and magic. You can even try listening to these books. The first three books of this series are available as audiobooks through Hoopla. (The second two books are narrated by a different person as the first and I enjoyed her reading better.)  This is the first of series and I have thoroughly enjoyed all I’ve read.