You Are Welcome Here!

You are welcome here!

I’d like to take a moment to confirm and endorse something I hope is already well known in the Marion community: Everyone is welcome at the Marion Public Library.  Each of you and all of you have a place here. 

To best serve our patrons, we work very hard to acknowledge, represent, and celebrate diverse experiences and aspirations.  We strive to create services and curate collections that allow users to see themselves and others in authentic, meaningful ways.  We connect people and provide space—both physical and conceptual—for dialog and communication.  We do our best to create an environment that expresses our genuine joy in welcoming all of our patrons, whether they come into the library building, call or email us, or access our virtual collections.

Our services and collections reflect a deep commitment to celebrating diversity, but that doesn’t mean we’ve reached a point that we can become less vigilant in our work.  We continue to explore resources, services, and materials that will help our community learn, grow, and understand their world.  If you notice a gap in what we do, please speak up.  Let us know what you need and want, whether it’s programming, materials, or other services.  We would appreciate the opportunity to hear more about ways our library could better meet your needs.    

In the midst of frequently discordant and aggressive dialog about human rights, basic freedoms, and the concept of privilege, we stand for equal access to information and services, and will not tolerate behavior that contributes to any group or individual being ostracized or marginalized for any reason.

You are the reason we’re here.  We value you, celebrate you, and hope to see you soon.  You are welcome here!

Elsworth Carman, Director