Murder Mystery Lock-In - Teen Registration

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This year, at the Top Teen Idol award ceremony, the top celebrities will gather in the lovely city of Anonville. Some will be honored, some will perform, and others will simply show up on the red carpet to have their picture taken for the press. One male and female entertainer will be selected and honored as the Top Teen Idol of the year. This is an annual honor bestowed upon the crème de la crème of Hollywood since 1964.
The enthusiasm is heightened this year, as the fame factors of the attendees are higher than they have ever been – the competition is harsh! Eccentric personalities and ravenous attitudes will soon hit the red carpet on this fabulous night of glitz, glam and glitter. Hopefully, all will go smoothly with no mishaps. You’ve received your ticket for the event, and this is where your story begins…

Put on your detective cap and help solve the mystery: Murder and Mayhem at the Teen Idol Awards! Each participant will be assigned a character for the evening. Costumes are encouraged, and props will be available at the library. No weapons, real or fake, are allowed.

Registration and permission forms required. Space is limited! (Registration opens June 1st. Download a permission form here.)