Teens' Top Ten 2014 Nominees

The Nightmare Affair
Mindee Arnett

Dusty Everhart, a Nightmare (literally!), has been trying to escape the shadow of her mother’s reputation, and one night, while dream-feeding, she sees the crime scene of a murder victim who attends her high school, a school for supernatural children. When she arrives back on campus, she finds, to her horror, that the dream had come true. Now she must use dreams to find the killer and save victims-to-be in order to stop an ancient darkness from returning.

Of Triton
Anna Banks

After Emma’s mother, the long lost Poseidon princess, returns to the sea, the Syrena begin to bring her identity into question. When all hope seems lost, and it appears the Royals have a revolution on their hands, Emma has the opportunity to use her Gift to save those she loves. But at what cost to not only her, but also to those she considers her family?

Siege and Storm
Leigh Bardugo

Alina, a sun summoner on the run from the evil Darkling, is searching for a way to increase her power and save the ones she loves. But as her power grows, she falls deeper in the Darkling’s grasp and farther away from her best friend and love, Mal. When the time comes, Alina must choose among her love, her power, and her lust for the Darkling and his power.

Love in the Time of Global Warming
Francesca Lia Block

Penelope believes she is the last person alive in the city of Los Angeles after a massive earthquake destroyed the majority of the earth. After encountering a group of survivors, however, she begins to have hope in whatever may be left of the world, whether it be love, trust, and, just maybe, her family. Modeled after Homer’s Odyssey, Pen goes on a post-apocalyptic journey filled with giants and butterflies in an attempt to find her way home.

The Testing
Joelle Charbonneau

Cia is chosen to participate in The Testing, a government program that will select the brightest graduates who show potential for becoming future leaders in this post-apocalyptic world. But Cia’s excitement soon dies when her father warns her of the experiences he faced when he was chosen. Cia must trust no one if she hopes to come back alive. 

The Eye of Minds
James Dashner

Michael is an average kid who plays video games, but this video game, the VirtNet, is different than others. You can die in it physically and mentally, and that happens to a girl named Tanya who rips out her core and commits suicide. Suddenly, Michael is whisked away by the designers of the VirtNet and given a mission to find a cyber terrorist, named Kaine, who is suspected of killing gamers.

Earth Girl
Janet Edwards

In 2788, technology allows humans to portal between many habitable worlds, except for “the handicapped,” those who are born with a one in a thousand chance of having an immune system that cannot tolerate other planets. Jarra, a handicapped 18-year old student with a passion for history, creates a false identity for herself and enrolls in a college course for students from other planets in an attempt to get revenge for the way the handicapped are looked down upon.

The Clockwork Scarab
Colleen Gleason

Mina Holmes, the niece of Sherlock Holmes, the world’s first consulting detective, and Evaline Stoker, the half-sister of vampire slayer Bram Stoker, are thrown together to find out why high society girls are being murdered and what a mechanical scarab beetle has to do with it—before they’re the next victims.

Maybe I Will
Laurie Gray

One act of violence can change everything. It can make your best friends desert you. It can make you wonder if you can trust the people who are supposed to help you, like parents, teachers, police officers, and counselors—when they might not even believe you. If all your hopes and dreams vanish and you have no one, what are your choices? End it all? Start over? Maybe I will, says Sandy. The twist? We never find out if Sandy is a boy or girl. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die
April Henry

Cady wakes up in a dark, torn-apart cottage hearing someone tell another man to “finish her off.” To make things worse, not only does she not know why she’s in the cabin or why the men are trying to kill her, she also doesn’t remember who she is. Eventually, she escapes and meets up with Ty, a boy who is willing to help her even at the risk of losing his own life. Together they attempt to figure out what happened to make her lose her memory.

A.G. Howard

Alyssa, a girl already struggling with life in general, is pulled into something dark and mysterious when she follows in the footsteps of her ancestor, Alice, and goes down the rabbit hole. But instead of simply righting the wrongs that Alice caused and curing her family of their curse, Alyssa finds that Lewis Carroll’s beautiful Wonderland has become dark and twisted.

Lauren Kate

Eureka has only ever cried once in her life—and her mother told her to never cry again. Ever since, she has never shed a tear, not even when her mother was killed in a tragic freak accident. Unbeknownst to Eureka, she was also supposed to die, but Ander couldn’t bring himself to let her die, despite the threat of her tears.

Openly Straight
Bill Konigsberg

Rafe has been out of the closet for years, but he’s tired of being “the gay kid.” So when he transfers to an all-boys boarding school, he decides to keep his sexual orientation to himself. But when he meets Ben, he wonders if their friendship-turned-more is worth outing himself.

Monument 14: Sky on Fire
Emmy Laybourne

When disaster strikes in the city of Monument, 14 kids are huddled in a Greenway store for shelter and survival. They decide their only chance of living through this nationwide disaster is to make their way to Denver International Airport where the military is evacuating people to safety. Will they make it alive or will they meet their doom like others have?

Six Months Later
Natalie D. Richards

Chloe Spinnaker is an average student just barely making the grade. But one spring day, she falls asleep in study hall and wakes up to snow and an empty classroom. Six months of her life have passed and she has no clue what happened except that now she is popular and has lots of friends—except Maggie, the one true friend she had before everything changed. Chloe embarks on a mission to figure out what happened and to get her memories back.

Eleanor & Park
Rainbow Rowell

The year is 1986 when Eleanor arrives in town to live with her family and abusive step-father. It’s been a year since the last time she lived with them, and she doesn’t expect life to be any better this time. Park’s life, on the other hand, is going steady. He’s got a spot in the popular crowd and he’s about to get his driver’s license. But when the two meet on the bus, things change drastically. Even though they both know high school romances never last, they’re going to try everything they’ve got to make it work. But in end, will everything they have be enough?

This Song Will Save Your Life
Leila Sales

Elise Dembowski is a high school loser. After reaching the tip of the iceberg and facing suicidal thoughts just months before, Elise is searching desperately for a way out of her nearly friendless life. When she accidentally finds a dance club called Start, Elise’s life finally takes off as she meets new people, makes new memories, finds a new passion, and discovers herself.

Brandon Sanderson

Ten years ago, Calamity came: a light in the sky that many believe led to the rise of the Epics. These beings, once human, now have amazing and dangerous powers that have enabled them to take over the world. The most dangerous is Steelheart. Able to bend the elements to his will and turn any non-living substance to steel, many say he’s invincible because they’ve never seen him bleed—except for David, who will stop at nothing to get his vengeance and see Steelheart bleed again.

The Rithmatist
Brandon Sanderson

Joel wants to be a Rithmatist more than anything. Rithmatists have the power to bring to life two-dimensional beings called Chalklings that defend against the wild chalkings that threaten to overcome the Rithmatists. Joel is a student at Armedius Academy, a prestigious school where Rithmatists and wealthy children go to learn. When a string of kidnappings occurs, Joel must gain assistance from the Rithmatists to restore order at the academy.

This is What Happy Looks Like
Jennifer E. Smith

Ellie is the girl from Middle-of-Nowhere, Maine, and Graham Larkin is the hot superstar sensation from Middle-of-Everything, California. While Ellie hides from the media, Graham is constantly being watched by the paparazzi. However, an email mistake from Graham to Ellie starts an online relationship between these two teens, marking the start of a friendship and something more. Can Ellie accept Graham despite all the publicity? Or will the media be the demise of this couple’s happiness?

Andrew Smith

Ryan Dean West is a fourteen-year-old junior trying to make everyone else blind to the one thing that makes him different—his age. It’s not so easy though, since it means he has to prove himself to everyone: the girl of his dreams, his scary roommate, his friends, and the rugby team. As Ryan Dean tries to survive his junior year, he encounters horrifying injuries, moments of ecstasy, and shattering heartbreak.

A Midsummer Night's Scream
R.L. Stine

Claire, a girl who dreams of becoming an actress, finally gets her chance when her parents decide to remake Mayhem Manor, a movie that was never finished because of the curse that led to three real deaths on the movie set. Claire tries to ignore her friend Jake’s talk about ghosts, but as the camera starts rolling on the remake, strange things begin to happen. And who is the little hairy man Claire meets by the makeup trailer one day?

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
April Tucholke

Violet, a sassy, independent, and sharp-tongued young lady, rents out the side cottage on her parent’s estate in the hopes of making a little extra money to pay the bills. But her easygoing customer is as dangerous as he is mysterious, and murders and madness soon sweep her little town. 

In the Shadow of Blackbirds
Cat Winters

It’s the fall of 1918. The Spanish Influenza and the horrors of World War I grip the world with terror, and as the face of death seems to greet every household in America, spiritualist photography has become increasingly popular. After her father is arrested as a suspected traitor, Mary Shelley Black travels to San Diego, hoping to escape the flu while living with her Aunt Eva. Only a few days after arriving, Mary Shelley is told that Stephen, her sweetheart who recently became a soldier, has been killed in France. But Stephen’s spirit hasn’t left yet, and he desperately needs Mary Shelley’s help.

The 5th Wave
Rick Yancey

Present day. The aliens—or as Cassie likes to call them, the Others—have invaded the planet. Almost everyone was killed in the 4th Wave, and now Cassie roams the country trying to find her brother—if he’s still alive. And when the aliens look human, there’s no way to know who you can trust. But when she’s taken in by a boy named Evan, Cassie realizes that he’s different. He’s not like her, but if she’s going to survive the 5th Wave, Cassie will have to trust him.

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