Nonfiction Books (Shelf Numbers): 378.154

Learning Express Library: Click here. Access anywhere with your library card number.

College and College-Bound Students
Offers a variety of skills reviews and practice tests for college placement like the ACCUPLACER
® and ASSET® exams, as well as grad school admissions exams like the GMAT®, GRE®, LSAT®, MAT®, MCAT®, and PCAT®.

Homework Help

Foreign Language Books: 419 - 495.7

Math Books510 - 511

Science Books520 - 580

Writing Books372.623; 808 - 809

History Books900 - 909; 930 - 999

Online Resources: The Marion Public Library offer a wide variety of credible online resources for students working on research projects, learning a new language, and more. Check out all available student resources here.

Need help finding a resource? Email 

Internet Safety & Social Media

Nonfiction Books (Shelf Numbers): 302.231; 371.782

BeInternetAwesome: Created by Google and digital experts, play mini games to learn the basics of kindness, safety, and security. Click here to play in Interland!

Connect Safely:  Nonprofit organization dedicated to educating users of connected technology about safety, privacy and security. Find tips for safe social networking here.

Jobs & Careers
Nonfiction Books (Shelf Numbers): 331.702; 370.113; 650.142
Community Promise: Offered by the Marion Economic Development Corp, Community Promise connects students with real careers in Marion, providing exposure, experience, and pursuit opportunities. Visit their website or contact the Business Engagement Specialist.
Call: 319-743-4728
Future Ready Iowa: The Iowa Career Coach provides data, trends, career assessments, and resources for jobs in Iowa, including an online resume building application.
Iowa Workforce Development: Promotes workforce development for young Iowans. Contact the Youth Services Program Coordinator.
Kirkwood Skills to Employment/IowaWORKS: Offers career counseling for those who have either graduated or dropped out of high school and struggle to pay for food, shelter and other basic necessities. Apply online.
Learning Express Library: Click hereAccess anywhere with your library card number.
Career Preparation
Offers resources for building workplace skills, entrance and occupation exams, and more.
Job & Career Accelerator
Provides resources for jobs and internships, career exploration, tools to get hired, and more. 

Nonfiction Books (Shelf Numbers): 332.4

Iowa Department of Education: Provides infomration on gaining financial skills.


School counselors can provide a multitude of academic and emotional resources for students.

Marion Independent Linn-Mar


Vernon Middle School

Emma Ambrose

Michelle Thomason


Marion High School

Ann Grant
Grades 9-10

Tom Kettmann
Grades 11-12


Excelsior Middle School

Erin Gorman


Oak Ridge Middle School

Victoria Wanda
Team 6A and Grade 7

Kim Woods
Team 6B and Grade 8


Linn-Mar High School

Grades 9-10

Grades 11-12


contact your Supervising Teacher


St. Joseph Catholic School

Main Office


Xavier High School

Danie Clancy

Cara Joens

Dave Schemmel

Tech Resources
Nonfiction Books (Shelf Numbers): 306.76 - 306.766
Coding: Free (or free to start) coding resources.
  • Learn computer science through full-length courses or quick, hour-long tutorials for all ages.
  • Code Combat: A video game you win by writing javascript code. Some paid features.
  • Codefights: A fun competition forum for honing skills in multiple coding languages. Some paid features.
  • CSFirst: Introduction to computer science and programming language Scratch.
  • Free Code Camp: Includes 1000+ hours of curriculum for motivated self-learners of javascript and HTML, with the objective of entry level web developer jobs.
  • Khan Academy: Provides tutorial videos, lessons and challenges in a visual simplified javascript.
  • MIT App Inventor: Provides an environment for block coding of mobile apps.
  • Pencilcode: Allows block coding projects.
  • Scratch: An open platform for coding games and animations.
  • Swift Playgrounds: Learn how to code for iOS. iOS mobile app download.
  • Thunkable: Build your own apps. iOS and Android mobile app download.
  • Tynker: Teaches middle school students how to make games and programs. Computer and mobile app download available.
Digital Technology Training: Get digital training lessons with Google. Sign up for free to access videos and projects to research topics, create budgets, collaborate on documents, and more. Click here to get started.
Learning Express Library: Click hereAccess anywhere with your library card number.
Computer Skills Center
Provides video courses to learn computer and internet basics as well as tutorials for popular software like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. Learn business, software, technology, and creative skills. Click here. Access anywhere with your library card.
Video Editing Resources
Online Movie Creation: Use these free tools to create and edit movies online. Paid upgrades are available. Basic accounts will sometimes include watermarks and will limit length, available features, and editing capabilities.
We Video: With a free account, create videos up to 5 minutes long.
Clipchamp: With a free account, create and edit videos up to 5 minutes long.
PowToon: Create your own animated videos using their selection of graphics.
Prezi: Create online, dynamic slideshows.
Offline (Computer/App) Movie Creation: If it's not your computer or device, make sure you get permission before downloading and installing software.
Windows Movie Maker (for Windows computers)
iMovie (for iOS and Mac OS computers)
Test & Exam Prep

Nonfiction Books (Shelf Numbers): 378.1664

Learning Express Library: Click hereAccess anywhere with your library card number.

College Admissions Test Preparation
Provides practice tests for the ACT®, SAT®, PSAT/NMSQT®, AP® Exams, TOEFL iBT® and IELTS™ Tests, as well as College Admissions Essay Writing.

High School Equivalency
Basic skill building and preparation for the 
GED®, HiSET®, and TASC tests.

School Center
Skill-building resources for middle school and high school classroom and homework success.


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